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Master Mark Hewett 8th Dan

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“ Martial Arts is not about fighting, its about building character”

Building Confidence by Strengthening the Mind, Body & Soul

I am an experienced and professional martial art instructor / coach, security specialist, and life style coach expert, who is based in Rowley Regis in West Midlands UK, offering personal training sessions at a location of your choice.

Over the years I have provided training / coaching to 100’s of individuals from a range of diverse backgrounds and ages, assisting them to achieve their specific goals and achievements.

You do not need to be athletic or be in exceptional physical condition to participate in Goshin Jutsu. With over 30 years experience of teaching and coaching in martial arts, personal security and personal safety, I am dedicated to offering a supportive learning environment for both adults and children at all levels of ability.

Personal training 1 to 1, and second training partner starts from a realistic price of only £45 per hour.

Whether you:

With my support, coaching, experience and your commitment, together we can achieve your goal.

Contact me personally for your initial FREE consultation, enabling you to learn at your own pace and to achieve your personal goal.

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If you decide that I am right for you, we can discuss your goals and most suitable programme to achieve them.


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